Sasural Simar Ka 2 : Why did Chaya drag Simar on the stage ?

Sasural Simar Ka 2 : Why did Chaya drag Simar on the stage ?

Sasural Simar Ka 2 : Why did Chaya drag Simar on the stage ?

Sasural Simar Ka 2 : Why did Chaya drag Simar on the stage ? There will be an intriguing storyline twist in the well-liked Sasural Simar ka 2 programme on Colours TV. For his own benefit, Rudra would enchant the entire Oswaal family with her black magic. Simar brings Reema back into the house in the meantime. But Mayakshi and Chhaya once more plan to renounce all of Simar’s power.Chaya yells out Simar’s name in today’s episode as she cries out for assistance. 

Mayakshi warns Rudra to be kind to Chaya because if Simar shows up in the interim, they would be in grave danger. Simar appears out of nowhere from upstairs and is completely taken aback by what she sees.Simar can’t see anything while Chaya cries out for rescue. Simar would be killed within a few days, according to Mayakshi’s assurance. Chaya is freed by a magical power that Rudra conjures, and he tells her that this is her final opportunity. Chaya makes a commitment to never forget Rudra, who has loved her for a hundred years.

Reema justifies her absence from the puja once more. She begs to reveal the teaser of the surprise in order to control Vivaan. Everyone, especially Aarav and Simar, will be in for a big surprise, according to Vivaan. He predicts a huge oswaal dandiya celebration. Everyone must get ready to get out of their waiting position.Chaya claims she will murder Simar in order to remain in this household. According to Vivan, this is a gesture of gratitude to Simar. 

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Simar is astounded by Chaya’s intricate arrangement. It’s all for you, according to Chaya. You’ll never be able to forget this evening. After getting ready, Aarav and Simar became lost in each other. Mayakshi will appear in the upcoming episode as an Oriya character named Rabri Behen, and she will advise the viewer to get ready as they must defeat their foe by tonight. Chaya will declare that she is ready to exact revenge while projecting confidence. Beginning soon, Mayakshi will begin to portray a vocalist.

When Chaya moves aside to grab a knife, Simar will notice something suspicious about her. Simar will continue to walk behind Reema before giving her a hug. The locket of the matarani will give Chaya a jerk. Chaya will begin to perform beautifully. When she finally stops, Vivaan will profess her love and give her a tight hug.In Vivaan’s love, Chaya will melt. Leaving Vivaan aside, Mayakshi will caution Chaya to be in her own court and remind them of their resolution. Once more, Chhaya would pull Simar aside with a determined expression. 

In a dancing competition, Chaya would invite Simar. Simar would be forced to dance by Chaya or else she would lose.Both Simar and Aarav will be unable to recognise Mayakshi, but they will both notice similarities. Suddenly, Mayakshi would ask Simar to perform on stage in order to divert attention from others.The locket of Matarani will fall to the ground when Mayakshi drags Simar onto the stage, and she will retain it in her pocket. Chaya will affirm Simar’s defeat while also calling attention to Simar’s power.

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